“Kale” Chips (or make due with what you have)

I love Kale Chips.

I’ll say it again…


A good friend introduced me them to me during our Bible study and I went home and made them a few days later. I’ll post the recipe in a few days. I promise. I then feasted on batch after batch of homemade kale chips for the next three weeks. I was in kale heaven. As an added bonus, by daughters loved them too. My husband didn’t. In fact, he hated the smell so bad that I had to make them whenever he was out of the house and then air it out before he got home!

Since moving to Paraguay, I’ve been craving kale chips. The problem is that there is no kale here. NONE. Not cool.

On Tuesday I was at a farmers market and found a larger leafy green and decided to give it a try. It couldn’t be too bad, could it?


“Kobi” or according to my research, Collard Greens

So after they sat in the refrigerator for a few days, I pulled them out, washed them up and got to work. I cut them into chip-sized pieces, drizzled them with olive oil, sprinkled on some salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast, and popped them into a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes. As I got them out, they looked right, they smelled right, and as always, I love to pop one in my mouth straight from the oven and–they DID NOT taste right.

ok, so maybe “sprinkled” isn’t the what I did with the nutritional yeast…


These were definitely NOT kale chips. I mean I knew kobi wasn’t kale, but I had cautiously high hopes for this solid leafy green. The research I did online said that kobi was collard greens, and I figured since they were sorta alike that the taste wouldn’t be too different. Now I realized why people eat kale chips and not collard chips. Needless to say I was sorely disappointed but hated to waste ₲3000 (3000 Guaraní = about $0.75) so I ate the whole plate. Thankfully my two daughters liked them and helped.

Moving out of the US was not too difficult. It was an adventure and I was fulfilling a dream of mine. I got lost in the planning and packing and the rush towards the end and it was all exhilarating. I thought that since I wanted to live abroad since I was a little girl that when it finally happened, it would be easy. The honeymoon is now over and I’m realizing that Paraguay is a MUCH different place than the US. Having visited twice before, I knew that, but now I’m living out those differences and I’m learning to embrace a whole new lifestyle (more on that later) and for the things I want to hold on to, having to do make due with what I have and then sometimes, even that is not enough…sometimes, I’ll just need to let go. Like my kale chips. I’ve let go (and my husband is pretty excited). I’m pretty sure the longer I’m here the more things I’ll learn to let go of. I can guess that some things will happen without me even realizing it and others will be incredibly difficult and I’ll eventually be okay with it. But letting go is necessary for learning to live abroad.

Unless I buy those kale seeds I saw on Amazon.com…


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