I’m in Paraguay now!

It has always been a dream of mine to live abroad. I’ve done quite a bit of traveling, but I always wanted to live outside the U.S. Last August, my husband and I started planning on moving to Germany, and through a LOOONNNGGG process that had too many twists and turns to count, we ended up moving to Asuncion, Paraguay in South America. We are now living with my husband’s parents and I am learning German to help us move to Germany next year.

So now the focus of my blog will be shifting slightly. I’ll be posting pictures, stories, and my experiences while we are here in Paraguay. I’ve already got some pretty interesting things to share, so hopefully I’ll get them typed up soon. It’s been difficult getting all my ideas down to share…all my focus has been on settling down here and getting my legal status here settled. For now, here’s a few pictures to hold you over:

“Chirimoya” (Custard Apple)

Aji Panka Pepper: these were SPICY!!!

The Pope was here last week and it was a big deal. There are still t-shirts like this all over.

Asado: Pork Ribs, Sausage, and Chipa


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