6 Reasons I Don’t Hate Mornings Anymore

6-2I’ve always been a night owl-up “burning the midnight oil” and squeezing as many minutes out of every day as I possibly could. I enjoy staying up late to read, sew, write, catch up on tv, clean…pretty much anything I didn’t get around to during the day, I find myself doing after-hours. I used to be able to push it to 4am regularly, but now I’m lucky if I’m not our by 1am.

Even though I’ve always been the night owl, I find myself enjoying mornings more for various reasons:

  1. I love those precious moments right after my daughters wake up. I love it when they crawl into our bed and with their sleepy smiles and tousled hair, cuddle up in between my husband and me.
  2. Sometimes I wake up before everyone else does and those moments of solitude when I can think, read, pray or just embrace my introvert and just be silent and still are soon nice.
  3. Those rare times when my husband and I are both awake before the girls are and we just lay together. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we are silent. Both are perfect.
  4. Waking up earlier makes the day seem longer so I usually get more done, I feel better about the day as a whole, and I generally feel more successful as an adult human (like I am supposed to be).
  5. I can make a nutritious breakfast-which definitely sets me up for an overall healthier day.
  6. It’s a fresh start and a new day. How can getting to start over get any better?

I think I will always be a night-person, but I don’t detest mornings like I used to or sleep in to 11am to avoid them anymore. The morning has its own beauty about it. Everything is beginning anew and everything gets a clean slate.


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