It’s All Greek to me

  I’ve been down on myself lately for my lack of follow through with projects. I know it is a problem-I start them and only sometimes finish them. This new project I am determined to complete or ateqst succeed-learning German. My ability to follow through on this new endeavor will impact not only me, but my whole family, for possibly generations. 

I started learning German in college right after Nickie and I became serious. I learned so in that semester even through the professor was downright awful…the university ended up firing her after the semester was over. 

My next attempt at German was by using Rosetta Stone, of which j have mixed reviews. 

I know I’ve gotten better over the years, especially with each time I am around my in-laws since a they speak to each other is German. Sometimes I get so frustrated because I hear German and my brain feels like it is on the cusp of truly understanding it…it just needs a breakthrough. 

Coming up in Paraguay, I will be taking language classes and private tutoring. As I said before, this last attempt at learning German cannot fail because the path we want to take our family on will be determined by my ability to be fluent in German. I want to be as prepared as possible for when we move to Germany next year. 


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