Packing Lite?

My last two summers in high school I went to South Korea and Kazakhstan mission/teaching ESL trips and we got these super specific packing lists. I always made sure that I had everything on those lists, but I remember doing weird things when I was packing–things like buying a new 6-pack of socks to take on the trip, a new pack of underwear, a brand new thing of hair ties, and other things like this (as if I needed brand-new socks and underwear and like I couldn’t just go around my bedroom and gather up all the random hair ties I already had). I also had a list of “must-have” travel-sized items: travel-sized toilet paper, tissues, travel size hair-spray and bar soap. Travel-sized EVERYTHING! Maybe it was that everything came in these cute little containers, or that they all cost only $1 each, or maybe it was that it made packing easier and smaller, but I was obsessed with travel-sized things. It was quite an inconvenient obsession.

Now, I’m a little more reasonable when I pack, especially because I have kids in tow. It’s usually not about buying all the “right” travel accessories, but just making sure that I remember everything.

Especially now that we’re packing to move to another continent, it’s so hard…I cannot express how difficult it is trying to fit your entire life into a few duffel bags. The enormity of the task and the frustration it is causing sometimes makes me want to get rid of IT ALL and completely start over again.

For now, I just laugh at my peculiarities I have when I do pack and no, I’m not going to get rid of everything…I just need to hunker down and get over it and pack and repack our stuff. It’ll happen and then we’ll be on our 4-layover trip to Paraguay before we know it.

wow…28 more day and then we’re off. Time does fly.


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