A Good Gift

NaBloPoMo June 2015

I’ve been reading about how to become a better writer recently, and one of the strategies is to set a timer, write the whole time, and then publish whatever you have, no revising, no censoring. I thought I’d try it out today for the National Blog Post Month of June.

I often think about the gifts that I’ve received from throughout my life, and there are many that I can think of that were great.

I remember that when I was 10, my parents had just divorced, and I was a pretty depressed little kid. AlI wanted at that time in my life, except for my parents to get back together, was a Dalmatian. My favorite movie growing up was 101 Dalmatians and ever since then, I wanted one for myself. One day, my grandparents had returned from an out-of-state trip and they threw the van door open and inside was the ugliest, most sickly looking creature I’d ever seen. They had found this dog on the side of the highway, covered in mange, shaved, and dyed purple. It was so sick and starved, that even at 10 years old, I knew it was dying. We eventually nursed that dog back to health, and when he grew in his coat again and gained about 20 pounds, to our surprise, he was a Dalmatian. He was exactly what I needed.

I remember when I was teaching ESL in Kazakhstan as a newly-graduated Senior, and one time I opened my mouth, said the wrong thing (which I thought was right at the time), and caused a lot of pain, hurt to my team and lost trust with many on the trip. Because of a few misplaced words, I caused one particular person a lot of mental anguish and pain. I carried this guilt with me for years until I found her on Facebook and apologized. She forgave me and we were able to move past what had happened. Her forgiveness is another gift that I will always cherish.

I remember looking into the eyes of both my daughters as they were placed next to my face after birth. Their pitiful cries still ring in my ears. After being told that I may never be able to have kids of my own, my daughters are true blessings and the most precious gifts I have ever received.

In a small group of women I’ve been meeting with, we have been talking about our birth-rite gifts, those things that we were so good at and enjoyed when we were young and the things that we are still naturally good at. I’ve read that your birth rite talents are thing that you spend the first half your life trying to squelch and hide and the second half of your life trying to discover and regain. They are half of the equation to finding what your calling is in life and if you are able to stay in-tune with your birth rite gifts, then you will be able to channel them and use them for the betterment of others.

I know that there are other things that I could categorize as gifts, and probably ones that are more important than some of the ones I’ve mentioned, yet for this practice, this is what came when I wrote. It is important to think about gifts that w’ve received in our lives and to never stop being grateful. If it were not for others’ acts of kindness, sacrifices, forgiveness, and selflessness, our lives would be drastically different and near unrecognizable.


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