Moving On

I distinctly remember sitting somewhere in the middle of the sanctuary as a child, desperately wanting to get closer to the missionary that was speaking at my church. Hearing her stories of adventure and living on faith sparked my imagination and birthed an incurable wanderlust. After those Sunday night services, I would corner the visiting missionaries, begging for more stories and more vivid descriptions than they had time for. I prayed for years, asking God to make me a missionary so I could have my own adventures and explore exotic lands and cultures.

Fast forward 20 years and having some extensive travel under my belt, I am incredibly grateful for all my experiences, especially the ones that are about to come. About a year ago, my husband and I realized that we needed to move to Germany. God has a funny way of showing you your next turn in life and then taking dreams and making them a reality. We didn’t know how we were going to get over there, but we were ready and willing to sell everything and just go-no job or place to live-if we needed to. I started applying for teaching jobs all over Germany and praying that one would come through. 31 applications and 30 rejections later, and I received an interview request. That interview then turned into a job offer and I gladly accepted! I would be working at a German-English Bilingual school in Potsdam, a small town 30 minutes outside Berlin. Everything was looking up and we were even investigating housing options in Potsdam when the thing I most dreaded happened-an email saying that something was wrong with my hiring process. The state that Potsdam in in, Brandenburg, had a law requiring all foreign teachers to pass the C1 German fluency exam, that required near perfect fluency.  I was devastated, and after looking for loopholes (of which none applied to me), we had to resign that I could work there starting in August. SInce all the teaching positions I was qualified to teach in at my current school had already been filled, I didn’t have a job here and we had to find a solution and quickly!

Now this grey area between what you know has been promised and despair at not seeing the promise can be a deep pit of hopelessness and doubt and the only thing that held me together and stopped me from loosing sight was my faith and the hope that all things would work together for good. I had to relinquish whatever control I thought I had and trust that Germany had been put on our hearts for a reason. I also had to be okay with God’s timing. Maybe now wasn’t right and I have to be okay with that.

OK, back to quick changes-We were getting desperate and didn’t know what to do. We talked about moving straight to Germany without a job, yet for some reason, we felt that we should as his parents if we could stay with them for a few months  until we could figure things out…we were going to be there for Christmas anyway, so what was a few extra months? They’ve always said that they would never tell their children that they couldn’t come back home if they ever needed to, so we will be moving in with them the last week of June. I’ll be starting language school soon after we arrive and Sofie will begin kindergarten at the school my mother-in-law teaches at.

Did I mention that my in-laws live in Paraguay…South America?! yea…small detail, I know.

So yea, life is crazy and we’re doing crazy things like selling everything, picking up and moving to 2 different continents in the span of a year, but you know what? I’d rather be doing God’s “crazy” and know that He has a plan than my playing it safe and living a normal-safe-life-will-go-as-planned-kinda life.

I’m more than ecstatic to see what’s in store fore us. I know that there is a plan and I have no idea where we’ll be in a year, but I’m learning to give up control and trust God more and work with my husband as a true team and value my daughters more and hey!–the pictures and memories will be great!

So, until next time, remember that all who wander are not lost and look forward to some spectacular updates because life has a funny way of being completely crazy but good too.


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