Running for a Reason

KIPP Runs ColfaxOn February 12, 2015 I wrote this Facebook post:

There is no module in teacher training or PD on how to tell your students about the death of one of their teachers, but that is exactly what we did today. It was the single most difficult day I’ve experienced as a teacher, but I am so grateful to be at the school I do-it is beautiful to see a community pull together and support each other, students, teachers, faculty, and parents alike in times of tragedy like this. Life is so short and can be taken away at a moment’s notice and without explanation. Hug those you love a little longer, make amends with those you should, and live life with passion and purpose, for we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

This Sunday, I will be running in the Colfax Marathon Relay with over 100 other fellow teachers, students, and supporters of KIPP: Colorado to honor the memory of one of the best teachers and passionate people I have ever had the privilege of working with. Peter Ewbank, our 8th grade Composition at KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy, passed away this February suddenly.

Peter was passionate about finding ways to reduce the achievement gap and to keep his memory alive and make his lasting impact, his family, friends, and co-workers have banded together and created PEAK Achievers Foundation, a foundation whose objective is to help underprivileged youth with the college experience and to reinforce and build upon college preparedness skills emphasized by KIPP. As a PEAK Achiever, select 8th graders will work through 5 years of leadership and mentoring courses and will volunteer to make their community a better place. Additionally, at the end of their Senior year, one PEAK Achiever will be awarded a substantial scholarship to help them make their way to and through college. I have personally taught all of the 8th graders in this first cohort of PEAK Achievers and the students that will be in next year’s cohort. They are incredibly hard working students that refuse to allow their circumstances to hold them back from achieving their goals. They are kind, show grit in the hardest of times, and have shown grace even when their world came crashing down around them. They are world shakers and changers and it has been a privilege being their teacher.

To support PEAK Achievers, all of the runners have committed to raise money in support of this foundation. I have never asked anything of my readers, but this one time I will…If you would, please help me support the PEAK Achievers in one of the following ways:

  1. Help me reach my financial goal by giving on this secure webpage
  2. Share my donating page on all your social media sites
  3. Share this post to raise awareness for the PEAK Achievers Foundation
  4. Spread the word and tell your friends and family!

KIPP Runs Colfax

Thank you so much for your readership and thank you for contribution, whether it was financial or through spreading the word. I am passionate about helping my students rise above their circumstances so they have all the opportunity of choice in their future.


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