Wean, don’t whine.

I’ve gotta admit, I’ve not been much of myself this past week. I’ve been a little more emotional than usual and it’s taken me some time to figure out why…my youngest, Lore, is weaning.

“Oh…”, you say…one of THOSE posts…

Yes. it is.

Lore, who is less than a week from turning 1, is my cuddly one. Out of my two daughters, she’s always been more cuddly and typically enjoys being held for long periods of time. I’ve gotten used to this and I enjoy it. Breastfeeding was SO HARD at the beginning and for about the first 6 weeks, I almost quit at least 6 times a day, but little by little, the pain and torture eased and it became easy. This time, nursing was actually enjoyable. Lore and I cuddled, we played, when she was sick or upset or hurting or just needed some intimacy, nursing is usually what she needed to calm her down. Quite frankly, as a mother, there’s just something so special knowing that by body is doing this amazing thing every day, all day long, and producing a life-sustaining necessity.

When my first daughter stopped nursing, it wasn’t too big of a deal. I never really felt “good at it” and by the time she was 9 months old, we had just moved across the country and I started a job where I didn’t get enough time to pump, so there was a noticeable difference right away. She realized this, and as the independent little person Sofie is, she just stopped cold turkey–she wasn’t interested anymore. So, from one day to the next, she stopped nursing and it was fine with me. I had been looking forward to it.

But it’s not that way this time.

I’m more sure of myself this time around and have gained a sense of self-confidence as a nursing-mother. I was prepared to let Lore nurse (almost) as long as she wanted. I even looked forward to getting home from work so the first thing I could do was cuddle with her and feed her. But now, she’s just not as interested and it was pretty sudden. No preparation, just BAM! all grown up–at least it seems that way.

I know our kids are supposed to grow up and it is a part of a healthy social/emotional/physical development to detach from mom. I just hadn’t prepared myself yet.

So my new mantra for this time is “Wean, don’t whine”. Appreciate all the good around me and how Lore is amazing and growing up and healthy and yes, again, amazing. I love seeing her grow up and this is a part of it.

How about you…were you ready for it when your little one stopped nursing? What were some perks to having a weaned baby vs. a nursing baby? Please add your comments below to add to the discussion!


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