Being a Stay-at-home-dad

1Please welcome Nickie Altamirano, a stay-at-home dad and Denver-area portrait-photographer and wildlife-landscape-photographer-extraordinaire. Needless to say this is a big moment for me not just because he’s my first guest blogger, but also because this guest blogger happens to be my husband!

Here’s Nickie on being a stay-at-home-dad:

Early on in our marriage, we chose that we would sacrifice whatever was necessary in order for one of us to stay at home full time with our children. When Stacey, my wife, had our first daughter, I had just graduated from college and she had a stable, full-time job as a teacher, so it only made sense for her to go back to work and me stay home. It was what worked for us at the time and was the smartest move. It’s now been almost 4 years, and I am still a SAHD and Stacey is still teaching full time and it is still what works best for our family.

It’s not always been easy though…

Being a “stay at home dad” is the hardest thing these days. It’s not hard for me because of everything I have to do. Like feeding Lore, changing diapers, making sure Sofie is fed too, keeping the house clean, doing laundry, making lunches, helping them when they are sick, comforting Lore when she is teething…you see the point.

What is the hardest is, the stereotype I have to break. Not too many people understand why Stacey and I chose this family dynamic. Many think I am lazy and chose the easy way out. I even had a person tell me I wasn’t a man because I wasn’t the “bread winner”…so I tell to all those who have never experienced “being a stay at home dad”…don’t be quick to judge. Think twice about it before you say “being a stay at home parent is easy“.

I thank my wife, Stacey, every day for making huge sacrifices for our family because you can’t even imagine everything she does either.

So, lets all be a bit more understanding. I love staying home with my daughters and it is a honor every day I get to do it.


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