How to get rid of excess

This summer was very therapeutic for me. One thing a lot of people don’t know about me is that I’m a kinda clingy person…no…not that kind…the kind that hold on to stuff for.EVER. I like possessions and I like holding on to them for a long time. I’m no where near being a hoarder…my house is not overflowing with my stuff. It’s just all tucked away nice and neatly in every hidden away place I could find. But seriously, I sometimes have a hard time getting rid of things, especially if I think I’ll use it soon-ish or I can use it in a DIY project…old clothes, random stuff from the thrift store or flea market, keepsakes…its all tucked away. Well, at least it used to be. You see, the reason my summer was so therapeutic was because I’ve come a long way. I’ve gotten rid of A LOT of stuff.

Here’s the abbreviated version:

I’ve been looking for a house. A BIG house. Like 2000-3000+ sq.ft. I want a big house because I’ve never had one and it’d be nice to be able to put all my stuff in proper places, all organized-like. Now, though, I don’t want that anymore. I am now very comfortable living in my just-right 900ish sq. ft. apartment now that I’ve gotten rid of probably 3/4 of my (unused, rarely-worn, ill-fitting, leftovers from high school and college) wardrobe. It’s actually quite funny. I’d held on to all those clothes because I liked how it looked having a full closet and I was afraid that if I got rid of all the things I knew didn’t fit and I didn’t like, that I’d somehow not have enough. Now that I have much fewer clothes, I look more put together because what I do have fits! I don’t have meltdowns anymore about “not having anything to wear” even though I actually have less now.

I’ve purged out my fabric supply, jewelry-making supply, old and outdated decorations, 3/4 of Sofie’s toys (that she does’t even realize are gone and she doesn’t complain about not having anything to play with!), old “keepsakes” that I wanted to save and show or give to my children. (side note…most of my keepsakes were junk. They would’ve hated me for passing it along).

I’ve gotten rid of so much stuff that we’ve been able to get rid of a few furniture pieces that we really didn’t like anyway. Now, our once crowded apartment feels much roomier!

I could go on and on about all the benefits of finding and getting rid of excess, but its sufficient to say that I am much more content with much less. I’ve grown more comfortable with what I have and not seeking to replace any of it. It’s still not perfect. Even as I’m writing this, I’ve realized I still haven’t tackled my kitchen and It seems like I find a new cache of stuff to purge every other week or so.

Now comes my challenge to you: Start simple, especially if you are like me and have a hard time getting rid of the excess in your life. Find something you don’t need, haven’t used, or can do without. Get rid of it. After you realize you’re ok and the world isn’t ending, find a room or closet or drawer (baby steps), empty it, sort the stuff and get rid of what you don’t need.

Check out this helpful info graph I made with the questions and tips I use for myself. If you find it helpful or know someone who would, please share it, pin it or tweet it.

Getting rid of excess


10 responses to “How to get rid of excess

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  2. I would love to have my Mom read this. We used to live in a 2 story house but eventually had to move out. Recently, I bought a bungalow with a large yard but very little floor area. I would love to buy smaller furniture so the interior spaces wouldn’t be so crowded. Being a mom to a new born, a toddler and primary schooler I would love to have child-friendly furniture–not like what we currently have at the moment–which all came from our old house. My parents live with me–I work overseas so I’m rarely home–and my kids. I just can’t get her to give away some of our old things, not even on the pretense that I’m buying new ones. She would keep them even if they’re broken. She’s not a hoarder but she sure is a little too sentimental when it comes to things.


  3. …or maybe you meant how I found your blog, as in how did I find out about it? That would be funny if that’s what you meant in the first place. I think I found you from a tag search in WordPress. I was looking for teaching bloggers.


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  5. Good points Stacey! I need to take your advice and clean up some things around the house. I’m definitely one of those people who like to hang onto things “cause you never know when you might need them”. Well, I suppose if they’ve been sitting in a box for years, it might not be something I’ll miss. I’ll keep that chart you shared in mind!


      • I like your blog (I’m assuming the whole thing?). Nice and simple, not to overcrowed, easy to use. I’ll have to check out some of your other posts.
        I’m assuming you’ll be adding more photos into the travel section? It will be interesting to see the places you’ve been.
        Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, but there’s a “frame” at the bottom of your blog that isn’t appearing on my screen. Not sure if it’s a widget of some sort, or an ad, but just thought I’d let you know. It’s white.
        Keep on blogging! I agree with your comment in your about page that it’s very encouraging to have readers reach out to you. So keep it up! People are reading 😉

        When you have a moment, maybe let me know what you think of my blog 🙂


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