This is pure randomness…you are warned.

It’s been well over a month since I’ve last posted something and that’s just way too long. So in the interest of filling the void, I’ll write something…but be forewarned…this will probably be boring and a complete waste of your time. If that doesn’t faze you, by all means, please continue.

This past month has been one of change and readjusting to my crazy normalcy. With being off work for 4 months, I got really used to being at home with my girls and I actually started really enjoying that whole “stay-at-home-mom-thing” that I’d always told myself I’d never be good at. I’m not gonna lie…I was good at it and loved every minute of it, which made going back to work that much harder.

…and that leads me to…


Oh yes…

…me after a long week and happy to be going home to my family.

…me after a long week and happy to be going home to my family.

I love my job. No, honestly…I really do! That’s probably at the heart of my whole “mommy-guilt-complex” because I love my job so much but also want to be at home and feel guilty when I’m not and instead enjoying being at work….I think you get the point so I’ll digress. Where was I…oh yea, work…loving my job…students. I love my students. They are totally amazing and I love the class that I teach. Having gone to school to teach English and having most of my experience in that field, making the great migration from teaching ELA to Computer Science is akin to a quantum leap (maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but what less would you expect, seriously?). I’m not only teaching in a totally different field, but I’ve changed my pedagogical model to a Flipped Mastery class (there’ll definitely be more on that later…trust me, it’s super exciting!). I’m just crazy excited to be flipping my class…it’s something I wanted to try in Texas but just never got the chance until now. It’s so awesome to work for a school that not only embraces my wild ideas, but also empowers me to try them!

In the midst of getting back into the swing of things, I’ve had to remind myself the importance of spending quality time with my family. Much like the song “Fly like an Eagle” tells us, time really is slipping into the future. (now I know why I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days…) We can so easily let it slip through our tightly clenched fists and before we know it, we’ve wasted precious moments. I’ve had to learn to let go of making the perfect lesson plan and having my classroom perfectly set up every day before I go home. It’s fine. My students will still learn. There are some things that can just wait. What is important for me in this moment is making sure my family gets me…all of me. My family deserves nothing less than that.

So maybe this post was a bit random, but that’s my life right now…a bit random. Now that summer is over and my marathons of watching Australia’s Next Top Model, Top Chef, and Dr. Who are over (priorities, right? Come on…I had a lot of time on my hands nursing my newborn) I’m focused and ready to go. I’m ready to be that mommy-teacher-mentor-wife-do-it-all-woman. I know that sometimes—no—a lot of the time—I make mistakes and don’t prioritize correctly, but I’m a work in progress and I’m learning along the way. I’m ready for new adventures ahead and learning on the go. I am ready for another year of awesomeness in the classroom and at home. I’m ready for it all. I’m ready.

Bring.It.On. Hoo-ahh!


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