Welcome Little One

Please welcome to the world Lore Celeste Altamirano, born on March 21, 2014. She weighed 6lbs 12oz, was 18 ½ inches long and came in letting the world know she had arrived!20140507-151800.jpg


I promise I won’t give as super a detailed description of my birthing experience as I did about when Sofie was born, but I can’t help talking about how different this time was!

On the morning of March 21, my husband and I dropped off our 3 year old, Sofie at our friend’s house and we went to the hospital where they registered me and prepped me for a c/section. This part took about 2 hours and was totally calm and laid back. The only part that was not enjoyable at all was when the nurse had to put the IV in the top on my hand—BOY did that HURT!!! I almost passed out and my hand throbbed until the next day.  Next, they rolled me into the OR and that’s when I started getting nervous because I knew that I was going to be getting my spinal. Thankfully, they let Nickie in with me and he never left my side. “Sit on the side of the table and arch your back,” the nurse instructed. As I squeezed the crap out of Nickie’s hands, they gave me a numbing shot. This numbing shot was one of the most painful things I have ever experienced and was the worst thing that I had to go through. Besides that shot and the IV being put into my hand, I was not in much pain throughout my whole hospital stay. Anyway, after lying down and having the sheet pulled up to I couldn’t see my guts being pushed around, Nickie and the anesthesiologist kept me distracted by chatting with me. I was so incredibly nervous but never felt anything until they pushed down on my stomach and pulled Lore out. As soon as she was out, she was crying up a storm and the nurses pulled back the curtain so I could see her being weighed and cleaned off. I started crying from sheer joy and couldn’t wait to hold her. Looking back, I am so thankful that for this part of the whole experience because during my first c/section I remember seeing Sofie, but I was so terrified, I don’t think I could feel much emotion at seeing my baby.

The surgeon was pretty quick at sewing me up and I was soon in recovery watching Lore getting her first bath. I got to nurse her right away and I was so happy to be in that moment. The experience of holding the very infant that was inside you just moments ago to your bare skin is something that does not compare to anything else in this world.

That afternoon Sofie burst into the hospital room exclaiming, “Where’s Lore? Where’s my sister!?” It was so cute seeing her holding Lore and awesome finally having my whole little family there in the same room.

On Sunday, we were released from the hospital and were finally able to be in the comfort of our own home. The first week was challenging but I made it through thank to my amazing husband, Nickie, being able to stay home with me.  Lore lost 11% of her birth weight, which is a little too much, but she’s fine now and weighed 8 lbs at her 1 month check-up. My baby girl is now 6 ½ weeks old and is thriving. She wants to nurse all the time and doesn’t like to be put down. She sleeps A LOT and is only waking up one time at night now (thank goodness for sleep)! Being a mom of 2 little girls is such a blessing and isn’t as nearly as hard (for now so I hear) as I thought it was going to be.  I love staying home with them and am secretly dreading going back to work full-time at the end of July but am thankful because my husband is able to take the girls to work with him.

Well, this post is not as short as I promised it would be, but I guess I had more to say then I originally thought. It’s feels great writing again and I hope that I can post some more interesting and thought-provoking pieces sooner rather than later.

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