Redefining my Priorities

Work. Cleaning the house. Laundry. Shopping. Driving Places. Cooking. Friends. Work. Job. Career…stopping and smelling the roses??

So often we make ourselves too busy and get out of sync with what is really important in life and we neglect to tend to the things that really matter.

Spending quality time with our kids/friends/family/pets. Taking a walk outside to appreciate nature. Reading a good book. Cooking a quality meal and eating it with those we love. Exercise. Being alone for a few minutes…

What are the things in your life that you’ve neglected but need to get back to? What are things that have never been priorities but need to “make the list”? Think about taking some time to redefine your priorities. You’ll soon notice a new you and you’ll have more time where you thought you didn’t. Redefining Priorities-1

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4 responses to “Redefining my Priorities

  1. Change is hard at times though. But progress not perfection is the goal, right? I am making some changes. It is so hard. Saying yes to the good or better is saying no to the comfortable or path of least resistance.


    • Change is definitely hard and I agree…perfection is not the goal…I think finding what is best for yourself and those who matter is what’s best for the most…change is tough.


    • That makes me so happy to hear! I think it is so important to re-evaluate our priorities every so often and make changes where necessary. That’s what prompted this post in the first place 🙂


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