Only 3 weeks to go!

This morning we went grocery shopping, and Sofie, my 3 year old says, “Mami, I want to buy a present for Lore.” So on our way home, we swung by Target and she picked 2 cute baby toys for her soon-to-be-here baby sister. As we were checking out, I started pondering in my heart the generosity and selflessness of Sofie and how blessed our family is. How blessed we are to be adding to our family, blessed for the incredible love we have for each other, and blessed to have a little girl that is uber-excited to meet her little sister.

My due date is fast approaching. In fact, just yesterday I officially scheduled my c-section for March 21. Our new baby girl, Lore Celeste, will be here soon and just as when our Sofie arrived, our lives are about to drastically change. For about the first 7 months of my pregnancy it didn’t seem real…as if reality hadn’t sunk in yet. It wasn’t until a week and a half ago when I had a 3D ultrasound and I really saw her face for the first time that it struck me-we are having another little girl! Thats when the “nesting phase” started and things got real very fast…I wanted to get the apartment ready, we got her bed all set up, carseats partially ready (although they’re still sitting with the covers off in our living room), clothes organized, permanent sub plans prepared, etc…I was running full steam ahead!

Now that there’s only 3 weeks left until my due date, I’m as nervous as can be and just purely anxious. It’s definitely different than last time. Last time, I was all worried about having the “perfect birthing experience” and incredibly nervous about having our first child. Now, I just want to hold Lore in my arms and get to see Big Sister Sofie meet her. I want to see my amazing husband hold our newborn and and look into her eyes, and I want to be able to nuzzle her little face and say, “welcome to our family, little one.” I want to see our whole new family all together and rest in the peace that she’s finally here. Only 2 weeks and 6 more days!

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