My Resolve to Make No Resolutions

I really don’t believe in the effectiveness of New Year’s resolutions anymore, probably because I’ve never been able to keep one. Having an abrupt start date for loosing weight, or going to the gym or reading my Bible more often or whatever is was just never worked out. I suck at keeping resolutions, therefore, I guess I’ve just resolved to never having resolutions.


With that being said, a new goal I have is to simply just write more often (it is NOT a resolution…okay!). This poses a big problem for me because Writing and I have a rocky relationship…sometimes I love it and sometimes I just can’t bring myself to write even one word. I guess my problem is that I think that my ideas aren’t good enough or not inspiring enough, so I talk myself out of even trying. I tell myself that there are other people that are more inherently interesting, lead more interesting lives and are definitely and supremely more able to write about their more interesting lives than I would ever be. I mean come on…some of my friends are geniuses (literally) or already have their Masters/Ph.D.’s, or are more experienced or have more blog followers, or are published…how could I ever measure up to them? I also worry waaaayyyy too much about what people think of me and so I worry that if anyone does read what I write, it will just be a big fat waste of his or her time. (BTW, I tend to use too many adjectives when I’m uncomfortable/nervous…) So….yea.

In addition to my goal of writing more this year, I guess should also try to care less about the criticisms other may/may not have of me and more about the good qualities I do have. Maybe I should also stop comparing myself to others…it’s advice I give my middle schoolers every day yet struggle with swallowing myself.

Well, here’s to me saying “whatever, I’ll give it a try…” and just going ahead with this whole writing thing. I have a few ideas for topics I’d like to write about—some  personal and some more topically driven (many of which have been inspired by posts from readers-so thanks!). If you’d like to stick around and read some of my random ramblings, then please, stop on by…but remember…I’ve warned you.

…and yes, I fully realize that goal and resolution are synonyms.


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