Healthy Challenges

Ever since moving from Texas to Colorado, I have been on a mission to become a healthier version of myself–not only physically, but mentally, relationally, and spiritually.

I used to be unhealthy…really unhealthy. I acted like I cared about making good eating choices but I really didn’t. It wasn’t until I really saw myself for how unhealthy I was that I decided I needed a change. In the last 1 1/2 years, I’ve lost about 40 lbs, have taken up running (which I LOVE now) and don’t shy away from outdoor activities.

I still have a big problem though…

I make too many darn excuses.

“I’m tired, I don’t have enough time to cook something healthy or go running, I have lesson planning, oohhh….I’ve really been wanting to watch this show for a long time, I should spend time with my daughter/husband instead of running….that would be selfish, I’m pregnant and I don’t feel good…I should take a break”….and the list goes on.

I find too many opportunities to not do what I’m supposed to do, but lately, I’ve had a few experiences that have challenged me; two in particular.

This summer (when I was actually good at running regularly), I was running one morning, and I saw another runner coming toward me. I usually give a little nod to them and keep on running with Coldplay blasting in my ears, but this time, I noticed something that I’d never seen before. This runner had obviously suffered from some kind of stroke or other medical event because he was severely limping on his left side. In fact, he was not even able to run in the traditional sense, but he kept going. He was sweaty, breathing harder than I ever had. He gave me a “thumbs up” and a crooked smile and rushed right past me.

Today, I went up to Mt. Evans with Nickie and Sofie. If you’ve never been to Mt. Evans, it is awesome–in every sense of the word. It has the highest paved road in the US in which you drive from 8700 ft. to about 14,000 ft. and then walk the rest of the way up to the 14,200 ft. summit. Once at the top, you are at least 3000 ft. about the timberline and the oxygen is at 50% of what we have at sea-level.

On the drive up to the summit, we passed three runners. The three women were keeping a good pace but I noticed that two of the women were connected at the wrist with some kind of band. I thought it odd and put it out of my mind. Then on the way back down, more than a hour and a half later, we passed them again. They were still trudging along, keeping a great pace, but I noticed that two of the women were still attached to the wrist. I looked closely and saw that the woman in the middle was leading the woman on the outside. She was blind. Something had happened to her. It looked like she had been through some kind of fire because a good part of her face, including both her eyes, were severely scarred. For a moment, I started to feel sorry for her, then immediately chided myself. She was doing something that some would tell her was impossible. She was running what could be considered a marathon. I can only assume that she finished.

I then started to feel challenged..challenged to stop complaining and making excuses and actually DO what I know is right. I’m not even training for a marathon or anything…I just need to be healthy. I shouldn’t be that hard.

I know I’ll still trip up…but I really think that with these amazing feats I’ve seen will keep reminding me how I really don’t have any excuses. No more saying that I don’t have time or I’m too tired…I just need to do what I know I should and CAN. I’ve got a 5k under my belt and just need to keep on!


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3 responses to “Healthy Challenges

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  2. I like your story very much. I am also giving myself lots of excuses of not getting up my butt to do any form of exercise. Thank you very much for sharing this inspiring experience.


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