Madness, crazy driving madness.

The traffic here in Paraguay is, to say the least, CRAZY!!! I thought I was worried about the traffic when I was in India, but Paraguayans take it to a whole new level. “Oh, this is a two-lane one-way street? NOT ANYMORE!! Let’s try to squeeze 5 cars and/or full sized delivery trucks and a roaring mass of motorcycles on this half-paved-half-pot-holed road!!!”Or, let’s visit the “I’m going to cross the road wherever I want to and maybe I won’t or maybe I will get hit by this motorcycle or horse-drawn garbage cart speeding toward me-because I am a pedestrian-and-I-don’t-care!” scene.

When Nickie’s dad drove from McAllen to Houston two Christmas vacations ago, I was really scared of his driving and seriously wondered why he was driving so crazy. Now I realize that it really comes down to perspective because now I have a whole new appreciation for his amazing driving abilities (being able to keep his whole family safe with a road amassed with seriously crazy drivers with a death wish)-this ability to get from one place to another without even getting a dent in the car.

Now Nickie has his driver’s license renewed and he has been driving…he’s going to teach me how to drive a stick shift (in Paraguay!), so hopefully I can write something exciting about that in the near future. Anyway, Sofie is in a car seat and I have a lap belt…I guess that is fine enough…I just think to myself whenever I get in the car, “Thank you for boarding Altamirano Transport. Please keep your hands, feet, and head inside the vehicle whether it is moving or not if you would like to keep it attached to your body. Thank you for choosing Altamirano Transport-we hope you survive to ride with us again!

Ok, maybe it isn’t as bad here as it was in India (for those of you who have seen Ice Road Truckers-World’s Deadliest Roads Edition), but it sure feels like it.

On another note, I wouldn’t want to be stuck in an ambulance on the roads here. We were in the truck on our way to a store and I heard an ambulance wailing off in the distance coming toward us from behind. I then heard a symphony of horns blaring, all screaming at each other, “Make way!!! Move your butts out of the way!!!!” Then, as if obeying some unwritten code of conduct, all the vehicles did their best to move to the shoulder as much as possible to allow the ambulance down the center of the street. Before I realized what was happening, the ambulance was already near and I wasn’t able to record much of this action.

Sofie at the wheel!


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