New Travel Arrangements?

On the way through security in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa (returning home), I tried speaking French to one of the guards. He then asked me (in French), “Do you speak french?” and I promptly replied that no, I didn’t but I was trying to learn– I was a slow learner.

When he heard this, he responded to me in English, “If you would be my woman, you would speak french very quickly!” Blushing beet red as I always do in awkward situations, I told him that I am married and am going home with my husband. He pointed at Nickie and asked, “This you husband?” to which I nodded. “Well,” he said, “I take you and you speak French and I give him African woman and he be more satisfied than with you…
In a mixture of shock and disbelief, I said, “Oh, no thank you. I am very happy with my husband.”
The guard then motioned for Nickie to walk over at which time he told him his plan of taking me as his woman and giving Nickie an African woman in return. Nickie assured him that I has his woman-his only woman-he was happy with one, with me.
At this point, the guard probably realized that he was getting nowhere when he offered to Nickie “two African women for your one American.”
Nickie and I laughed and hurriedly glanced  toward each other, motioning with our eyes that we should hurry up. We immediately grabbed out bags and tried heading out of the security area when the guard said, waiting for an answer, “huh? how about it?”
No thanks,” we both said, “we’re fine” and we walked away shaking our heads in amazement and wonder.

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