Should I enlist?

So this recruiting officer comes by the house and like the foolish person I am, I let them in. I offer him some water, to which he politely says ‘no’ and we sit down on the couch. Sgt. Somebody start to explain to me that the military, more specifically, the Marines, has been watching me since I graduated college and they need me. “ME?” I ask.

We are starting a new program, somewhat secretive, to study cultures of interest around the world, and we need proven cultural experts to join us. You have two options if you decide to join us…

At this time, I’m not even sure what to think…

He continues, “If you join us as a civilian consultant, you would be working part time and we will pay you roughly $20,000 a year. If you want to enlist in the Marines, you will get special treatment because we wouldn’t want to loose a valuable asset and you would be making a little over $90,000 a year starting off. Did I mention that we will help you get your doctorate?


Did I mention that this was a dream?


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