Finding her voice…

Sofie has found her voice.

This morning during breakfast she was screaming like a banshee straight out of hell! You could tell she was loving it though and the smiles and laughs from Nickie and I didn’t help the, “Sofie, inside voices….we use inside voices in the house.”

This morning when I got her out of bed, she had nothing but a huge smile painted on her face. When she saw me, she laughed and tried to throw her arms up (at which time she fell flat on her face because she doesn’t have the upper body strength yet).

While nursing, she hmmmmm……hmmmmmm’s to me between petite laughs.

Last night, she was upset because she was hungry so she was crying so I bathed her and then she got even more upset because I was rushing through her bath so I could feed her…

As I sit here writing, she is behind me and I can hear,

“UUUUGGGggghhhhhhhh!!!!!hahahahahahahah eeeeeeeekkkkkkkk!!!!!xxxxxxxxxssssssssssplllllllllllllllbbbbb” (my best attempt at phonetically copying her sounds…Nickie is playing with her)

It is unfathomable to think that in about a year, she will actually be adding words to her repertoire. “Maaaaaami! Read me ‘nuuudr book peas!!!”

She is truly a gift from God.


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