the first-last day…

The end of a school year-the last day of school signifies so much for different people. For students and teachers alike, it signifies the beginning of summer…2 months of sleeping in late, hanging out with friends, staying up until ungodly hours of the night…
For parents, it may be a fun filled summer, spending time with their families and for others, it might be the, “oh my God…my kids are going to veg for 2 months…”
Last year (my first year of teaching), the lat day of school held the normal salutations, “…bye! see you next year…have a great summer!…wow….I’m so glad the year is over!”
This last day of school is similar in most ways…Everyone is saying the same things, except for me.
Two months ago, I never imagined that I would not include the, “see you next year” phrase in my vernacular. I almost feel sad…I’m happy, but I’m a little sad too. I really am going to miss so many people.
The reason for this wave of emotions (thus this blog entry) is the fact that I am leaving my school of 2 years, Idea Quest College Prep. I have learned so much from fellow teachers, students, academic coaches, and even parents.

Even though there is so much else to say in this post, I’m going to go ahead and post it because if I allow it to sit on the editing table while I stew over what else to say, it will never get posted. So here you go–my first official post–incomplete, but a start!


One response to “the first-last day…

  1. I know exactly how you feel. It’s bittersweet. You are excited about what lies ahead but sad to leave a place that has taught you so much. I had to go through this right before Autumn was born, only since I wasn’t moving I got to stand by and watch someone else take my place…pout.

    I’m very happy for you though, Stacey. I look forward to hearing more of your adventures 🙂


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